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It is also somewhat gay, and somewhat offensive, such as for instance Thanksgiving Date otherwise Noam Chomsky sporting a strap-into

You might be an ice cream sundae with a beneficial cherry at the top And you may careful, Cherry, ’cause I am the fresh queen from pop Pop music, pop music, pop music goes my weasel Now you seem like Jackson Pollock’s easel My idea is you usually do not strike it if you don’t understand what obstruction was Swallow when you understand what digestive are Realize Bo, the only question is Will you be splattered in advance of By the Resentful Hatter matador? Pie batter, never alot more They dont count regardless if you are Language, French, Swedish, or Cambodian I shall slime you so hard you could be into Nickelodeon

Unmarried each and every day Do so every method Make the unmarried women say “Oh Bo!” Of course, if We had been gay Regardless if We swear I am straight I would personally result in the fellas state “Oh Bo!” Oh Bo Oh Bo, Bo Oh, oh Bo Oh Bo Oh Bo

Do you believe that one can handle myself, lady, do not create me personally laugh I told you my nonsense is actually bipolar, it will split up your by dating sites Beard 50 percent, yeah And if you’re happy, I would only give you household And you may I shall maybe you’ve heading off eg you will be increasing an additional chromosome And if your capture myself, you should never get me from the my personal buns ‘Cause I had a detrimental question of the latest ru-runs I had the latest works I’d new works

Unmarried each day Do so every way Make the unmarried ladies say “Oh Bo!” Incase I was homosexual No matter if I swear I am upright I would personally imagine brand new fellas say “Oh Bo!”

(We should split it off having y’all We came from the fresh roadways that have absolutely nothing I am just while making struck ideas Getting my personal some body still-living about streets, still-living for the impoverishment, I would like to tell you I am performing this for you My achievements is your success And i also understand it might seem, “Hi, for those who most believe that Then use a few of your bank account to assist rebuild the area unlike putting spinning tires with the a gold jet ski?” And that i say. Uh. chorus is originating right up)

Solitary daily Do so each and every method Result in the solitary lady state “Oh Bo!” While I was gay Even when We swear I am upright I might consider the latest fellas say

My personal show is a little portion foolish, and you will slightly pretentious, so-like Shakespeare’s willy or Noam Chomsky wearing a band-towards the

Uh, uh Your gotta fume such a good tuna I will smelling your later We came across a fat hottie And i fucked the lady in the a keen elevator It was completely wrong towards the a lot of profile It absolutely was wrong towards too many ce-le-le-profile It had been wrong towards too many membership, uh It was wrong inside is incorrect involved was incorrect toward

Unmarried daily Do so each means Improve unmarried ladies state “Oh Bo!” And if I was basically homosexual Although I swear I am upright I’d consider the fresh new fellas state Oh! Solitary each Get it done each and every Pop music one single particularly good Pringle jingle Oh Bo! This song’s almost accomplished This absolutely nothing ditty required Software which is double reeded The new oboe!

What’s Comedy Lyrics – Bo Burnham

(My personal ex boyfriend-spouse got a tremendously weird fetish Uh, she used to wish to decorate just like the herself immediately after which act like a drilling bitch for hours)

Welcome to the newest show, it goes somewhat similar to this Laugh. exactly Fucking upwards my personal flow, they streams a bit similar to this Which have a rap and you will a great diss next a quick hiphop on hand, a hip-hop during the a kiss Instance Hershey’s wrappin’ a kiss, shit I had a show that’ll decide to try you babies Therefore requires you to question together with question is What is comedy? What is comedy, what is funny, what is funny? What is funny, what is actually funny, what’s comedy? Comedy, fu-comedy What is comedy? What is funny, what’s comedy, what exactly is funny? What is actually funny, what is comedy, what is funny? Comedy Ok last one

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